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I am trying to fix the rear defroster in my lx.
I know there are some repair kits available at
auto stores, which contain
some conductive material to rebuild broken defroster grids.

Has anybody used such a kit?

If I do not mange to fix the defroster then I
will consider getting the whole hatch from a junkyard.

My lx does not have the spoiler on the hatch.
So I could have a chance to get a hatch with the spoiler?

What do you guys think about the stock spoiler?

1. Does it really make a difference driving-wise
or maybe this one is just a toy supposed to improve appearance only?
2. Is it practical in maintenance. Can car wash brushes damage it?
3. Does it tend to cause leaks in the hatch?

Thank you,


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I wish I could really help you, i've heard fo people buying repair kits, but i think they're mostly something that might be ok for awhile but eventually have to replace(i could be wrong, please correct me if i am)- my 95 lx has the factory spoiler, i've never driven a scort without the spoiler, but i think its pretty much just for a sportier look, scorts definitely look better with them... the spoiler has never been a problem for me with washing my car and whatnot.... well.. sorry i cant help ya much but ne wayz off i go!

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