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decode your VIN!

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check this out everyone!!!!


i´ve been talkin with the webmaster here and we set up a banner exchange with each other. you can use his site to decode your VIN. it works for american and european cars, and possibly others i´m not sure. if ANYONE has any problems with it, send me a PM with the exact problem and your VIN number so i can get ahold of the guy and we can figure out the problem. also if you have any comments on his site let me know too so that i can give him some feedback! thanks guys
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why did you take it down in the first place?
because it was only decoding properly for a few people and that was it. it had a few problems. this is the same thing, actually from the same database, but everything was reworked and it´s better than ever and he has alot more stuff on the site.
Well, I ran both of my VIN´s through it, and it decoded them perfectly.:p
So far so good....
I´ve always used autobaza.pl to decode my Vin. I´ve done it maybe 20...30 times since I bought the car ;-) Good to see they got the FEOA banner up though :)

Vehicle Type: Bus

That does it.. my Station Wagon is gonna be painted yellow someday

Funny, I just checked out my old subaru wagon.. it says ´Station Wagon´ for vehicle type. I wonder what makes the scort a bus?
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