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damn thieving bastards

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ok so i get home from today and this guy tells me that one of my windows was smashed out on my car. i tell him yeah right its an aprils fool prank. he said no hes serious and then i tell him i had to go to my car anyways and get my portable air compressor because my room mate needed air in his tire. i got out there and sure as shit, the rear drivers side window is busted out. i then start chuckling and looking around and noticed my 20 dollar tool set was gone. a cheap ass stole a cheap asses tool set...LOL. anyways, even tho i think its funny, im a lil pissed cause they stole my cheap ass tools...LOL. i got my room mates tire pumped up with the portable air compressor (which was worth my than the damn tools) and came here and posted this...damn cheap ass thieves...LOL. oh well. give me a better reason to get rid of the car (1993 Escort GT) now....
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I like my checkcard...my checkbook never leaves my house anymore. I had it at school the day my $150 leather jacket was stolen out of my shut and locked locker that i shared with someone I didn´t like, who gave the combination to like 3 other people. luckily I had my checkbook in my backpack that day.
Why´s that Greg? everything in this thread has had something to do with something being taken OUT of the car. Except in my case it was taken out of my locker. Brians car has the ultimate POS look, there are a bunch of nicer cars around and his is the only one that got broken into.
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