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Damn Rice Burners

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I recenty bought a 91 EGT for 350 bucks. Its definitly not a looker but the motor only has 75,000 miles on it and it runs great! In fact the only problem with the motor is a leaky valve cover, but what 4 cylider valve cover doesn´t leak? I did have to replace a few (very costly) parts such as the rear brake calipers and both front and rear struts not to mention the 70 dollar stock muffler. Of course what can you expect for 350 bucks. Besides changing those parts didn´t really bother me, its what someone did to the car that makes me mad. The car was once owned by some stupid punk kid who decided he was going to add some "performance" parts to the car. Some of those parts included... Super Bubbly Window Tint, the sort of thing you really need when actually WANT to hit stuff when you back up; Scratched N´ Cracked Headlights Covers, the kind that wouldn´t stay on without the help of duct tape and bungee straps; Noise Activated Security System, this one works by making a little light blink when you shut the door. Do you think it will scare away thieves...pigeons perhaps? The Mystery Toggle Switch, your guess is as good as mine as to what this one does. And last but not least Duel Blade Windshield Wipers so not one but TWO blades can smear the rainwater on your windshield. In fact about the only thing on the car that actually looks decent is the solar wing on the back. This person even managed to rip out the stock stereo system, put in his own concoction (which included drilling holes in the door panels for tweeters), and finally ripping everything good out and leaving only speaker wire and a crappy cassette player. Thankfully I have fixed or removed most of thse items with the exception of the window tint. (Can someone tell me how to get it off?) As you can see I really hate people who try to fix up a car and do a crappy job. I especially hate rice burners because they all want the same thing, a 20 foot spoiler and a fart-pipe sticken out the back of there ride. I also really hate people who do not take car of their cars the way that they should. Thanks for bearing with me I know I babbled on for awhile, but I just needed to get this off my chest.

p.s. i only bought the car because it was all i could afford at the time and i needed to replace my 87 EGT. The motor went in it for the second time and i didn´t feel like messing with it again. If anyone is interested in buying my old EGT or has an answer to my window tint question, please E-mail me. And if you just need to blow off a little steam feel free to reply to this post.
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at wal-mart they sell tint-off which helps you remove old tint. I had that "super bubbley" tint too. The stuff works pretty good.
Its okay to rant, we´re all here to listen and learn. I dont know why but I´m going to post a little defense for this person before anyone else starts laying into him.

No single person knows what performance options actually affects a vehicle and which ones should just be made by APC (just joking if anyone is an APC fan). Anyhow, we all start with a car we learn with. My GT is my learning tool in life right now (not to mention my replacement girlfriend...you know the one that will never leave you).

Anyhow, we all listen to too many friends and end up with Rice (or a Pinto for some of the older scort owners on the site here

But, just think, as you replace the stuff you hate of his car, you can put the right performance parts in.

Remember, why put in OEM when you can put in performance for the same cost if not cheaper.
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I took the tints off my moms truck with a razor blade!
Ok I have to say something here having owned alot of scorts and three pintos one with an insane 302 that to be honest, really shoulda had wheelie bars, and cost me my license, about three grand in tickets,and a weekend in the clink.(when I finally stopped,I didn´t know he was trying to pull me over for about ten miles, to be young again and not care about things like open headers, or speed limits, or most of the other traffic laws)I´d like to have one again knowing what I know now.Back to the subject.The Pinto was replaced in fords(US) line up by the scort and I commonly reffer to scorts for instance Blades 93 Pinto or my 89 Pinto in an affectionate manner.A pinto was my first car/4X4/and my place to"entertain the ladys/pass out when I was too tanked to drive.I´d like to have one again because they can handle well,many came ready made for a 2.3 l turbo and with some work are capable of running a consistant 9 sec 1/4 and remaining a reliable daily driver that still gets 20-25 mpg.Can you see the look on the guy in the mitsubishi eclipse turbo as a beer bottle brown,stock lookin pinto waxes his doors?Man and I was gonna buy a bike!Great buy on the gt though,I really want to strip a scort GT for weight and do all the mods,maybe I should buy a 93 wagon and put pinto emblems on it just for you blade but wait,I have yet to see a scort dip into the low 10´s maybe a pinto with scort emblems would be faster.


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my valve cover used to leak...it leaked for a long time...the first time the gasket was ever changed was at 151,000 miles. it doesnt leak anymore.
Mine leaked once so I tightened it a bit to no result then I found that when my sister had my car for a while she used the recomended 5w30 for an oil change.So an oil change back to 10w30 and the leak never came back.(as I knock on wood)
Thanx guys, for listening. I am truly sorry if I offended anyone. I am not a COMPLETE rice hater though. Some of the things people do to their cars are great. I do plan on putting on real performance parts someday, but that will have to wait untill the funds are readily available. For now my scort is a daily driver that ocasionally meets a back road or two (there are soooo many in PA, trust me
.) Tomorow I´m putting new struts on the front. The old ones are pretty beet up. My grandfather is paying for them so I really don´t care what I get as long they do what struts do. I really love my scorts especially the 87 because it was my first car. There still may be hope for it but it´ll have to wait until there is more than just lint in my pocket. I looked as some of the pictures on the website and i must say some of the cars are pretty impresive. Good work to all of you and remember, don´t let the escorts fade away like so many cars have. Just remind people of them once in awhile when your on the freeway and people won´t forget.

p.s. the leaky valve cover isn´t all that bad (yet) and its probably only the gasket anyway so i´m not too worried. Oh i almost forgot, thanks for the tip on getting rid of the old tint
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I agree there are plenty of backroads in PA that the escort just cant seem to get enough of...oh man the fun times I have had going rally style through the mines...
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It wasn´t orange was it? I got passed by a mean sounding orange pinto about 5+ years ago
Hey Puff, the pinto joke was just because I knew you had one
Its all good.
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