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DAMN PARKING BRAKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I hate they way these parking brakes are setup in the EGT´s. My parents have an 93 EGT where they parking brake froze...and now I have a 91 EGT with a frozen parking brake. My mechanic says the cable line is too exposed and it rusts too easy and it is a waste to get fixed...I strongly disagree...for christ sake I can´t leave the damn thing idleing anywhere cuz it rolls away!!!!!!!!!!(its a manual by the way)....how much to get it fixed and/or better system so it doesn´t freeze up...
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Depends on which cable is frozen.

About $85 for each side, $20ish fot the center.

Parking brakes won´t freeze if used regularly.
I know this is off the wall but, what about a line lock?Do you ever race?
I don´t understand what a line lock is. Can you explain it a little more?

I still have one unused PB cable (for the left side, I believe). I´d be willing to send it to you for, say, $50+ shipping, OBO. It still comes in the original packaging (although opened for inspection). Let me know. I´ll ship it USPS to save you some coin.

As for racing, yes, I do race. I mainly compete in SCCA Solo2 events, but am experienced in stage(performance) rallies, Solo1 (time trials), ProSolo (aka Australian Pursuit), Rallycross, and open track events. I´ve also messed around a little at the strip, but mostly to help improve my reaction time for ProSolo. I was recently offered a ride in an open-wheel racecar(Formula V) for sometime this summer at Grattan Raceway. If this goes well, I will have an opportunity to become vested in this particular ´team´, and get my competition license later this year. I´m pertty excited about it.
how easy are lines to change...i mean i am fairly inclined have access to most tools and such just never have done that before...
Actually, it´s not too difficult. IIRC the side cables have 2 or 3 brackets held on with 10 or 12 mm botls. The center cable is a little trickier because it is above the exhaust. If you´re going to change the exhaust yourself, this would be a PERFECT time to get at the center cable, if that´s the one that needs replacing.

I think I changed out the left cable in about 30 minutes.
A line lock is something drag racers use to lock the front wheels (if rwd) to do burnouts.
awesome steve... so you still gonna be out of MI when I´m there? or staying for the open wheel stuff.

I really should write it on my calendar or something...Iguess I could put my PDA to use, finally

Tell me again when you will be out here.

I think I remember you mentioned the end of JULY, right?

Let me know...I´ll either be driving out to Eastern Tennessee (hopefully finally get to meet Wayne) for a Miata thing at the Gap, or I´ll crewing/reserve navigator for Mayhem Racing at the Maine Forest Rally. Both at at the end of July....
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i had to replace all the parking brake lines on my 89 egt and it only cost me 24 for both of the rear parts and 8 for the center puller . i got the rear lines from murays and the center piece from ford . it only took me an hr - hr and a half to instal. goodluck...
Yeh 1st gen parts are cheap and usually easy to install. 2nd gen parts can get very pricey, especially if you have to replace all the rear brake parts (calipers, brake pads, and rotors). You´d better have a deep wallet if you ever have to do this. I agree, the setup for the rear brakes on the 2nd gens (those with disc brakes) is very poor and can freeze up very easily. Like Miatadude said, using them regularly will prevent this.
Steve, must say I LOVE your Team Pointless Avatar. I wish I could be in Team Pointless..and just have an EGT on the icon. Its cool..and I´m Jealous.

On 2002-05-19 16:23, Miatatude wrote:
Depends on which cable is frozen.

About $85 for each side, $20ish fot the center.

Parking brakes won´t freeze if used regularly.

[/TD][/TR][/TABLE]this should be true except it happened to me last week, i had to fix it in my ice covered drive-way at 2:30am. lots-o-fun.
yeah I hate working on my car when its snowing out...it sucks. I want a shop, and a lift, and a flow bench and air compressor....40 mins still Xmas still...Hope my list still has a chance.
I haven´t had ANY problems with my parking brake...knock on wood...so far it´s worked like a charm and when I pull it to do 180s it doesn´t lock up at all.
I can only fishtail the back of the car on gravel because my E-Brake never grabs hard enough...but it keeps my car from rolling on the hills
Yeah I´m glad mine hasn´t acted up. I figure it´ll act up when I´m trying to go to work and I´m already late...
I think there´s a way to actually adjust an E-Brake to stiffen it up but I´m not sure how to do it. Anyone know ?
You can tighten it easily! Take the console off thats around the brake lever, and there´s a nut on the rear part of the lever. Just tighten that up until it´s to your liking. Hope that helps.
My PB froze all the time when I parked outside on a cold day. It sucked. Had to bring out buckets of water to throw on em then pump the brakes like mad when I drove to keep the water from freezing.

It was either that or try going through a double S curve with locked back wheels in the snow.
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