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Daddy had a good day at the yard!

Discussion in 'Escort Wagons' started by novanutcase, May 24, 2020.

  1. novanutcase

    novanutcase FEOA Member

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    I was pulling some parts for a client when I spotted an '03 ZX2 at the back of the yard that wasn't listed on their official inventory.....and it had a G5M with 67,000 miles on the Odometer!:D


    The G5M I have in the wagon currently has a slightly bent 3/4 shift fork that is only getting worse over time. It works fine in all other gears other than 3rd which grinds a little whenever I shift into it. The '03 G5M's had the upgraded shift forks with the beefier shift tang. I'm gonna get it on the bench and try and clean it up. I'm thinking I might have to open it up and drop an LSD into it but that would be down the road a bit as the current trans works fine except for what I mentioned.

    If anyone has an in into a Mazda dealership an '03 Mazdaspeed Protégé used an LSD that fits in our G5M's. A good deal on an MFactory Helical LSD would be ideal so if anyone has an in hit me up. I'll make it worth your while.

    I'm also going to hit up Shakezilla as he just recently installed an LSD into a G5M so I'm going to pick his brain in regards to dropping in the LSD and general overall Tranny upgrades.

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  2. Joey_Twowagons

    Joey_Twowagons FEOA Member

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    Vancouver Island, Canada
    What's all this about dropping LSD?

    Almost all of the junkyards near me don't let you walk around and take parts off, anymore. Our only Pickapart type yard closed up a few months ago, sadly.
  3. ShakeZilla19

    ShakeZilla19 My name is ^^^

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    Like I said in the PM the Mfactory is the preferred Diff due to: design it being helical vs the MSP clutch type, and the spline count you want the 26 not the 28. Also, the MSP LSD has been known to split in half unless you weld it and it is weaker in general.

    I didnt do much more to the trans. I was unable to rebuild it due to lacking proper tools. I have the trans rebuild kit number somewhere looked to be the correct soft parts. If interested Im looking to sell the kit (has the syncros, seals, and most of the bearings).

    I know others have installed steel end plates to prevent the case from spliting. if your going for power you'll want those plates. I think someone, from one of the FaceBook groups, still makes them. Other than that getting the gears cryo'd and polished is the most I recall seeing done to the G5M. Something I've seen done on other platforms is creating an exoskeleton for the trans that transfers the shaft/gear forces into the chassis vs the case; no doubt that would require good fab skills and tools.

    For the basic rebuild take lots of pics during disassembly especially the shifting mechanism. The first time I put it back together I was able to shift into 1st and 3rd at the same time. Close the case a few times without sealing it to verify it shifts smooth and the shafts turn smooth.
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  4. krux303

    krux303 FEOA Member

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    Ive always heard Mfactory is the way to go. As rebuilding it, if you have doubts take it somewhere. Great find on an 03 trans. I'll need the 3/4 fork upgrade and mfactory someday. Maybe by then, someone will be selling a transmission with it all done.

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