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Custom Seat installs

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Just want to do a count/comparison of everybody who has seats that are NOT stock in their cars.

And how easy it was to put them in.
(From direct swap---to---rework everything/I´m going crazy!!!)

Me: ´92 Honda Prelude buckets

Fairly easy....made 2 new brackets...and modified the other existing ones

Need to swap over seat belt buckles as well

(I´ve also put in ´87 Pulsar NX seats into an ´87 Mazda Pickup)
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Me: 95 MX3 bucket seats with adjastable head piece. They are direct swap. But you´ll have to change eather seat belts or seat buckles.I took mine apart. Took off all cloths. Washed it put it back on using tie-raps. And installed them. All process excluding taking apart and washing...about 30 minutes. 5 hours with taking apart ,washing/drying.
I got a pair of Aerospeed racing seats. I used the factory rails, but had to make some barkets to mount them to the factory location.
I have ´92 MX3 seats, thats the ones without the adjustable headrest. They are a direct swap. ~Mike
I´m looking for exp seats, direct fit to first gen, but they sit about three inches lower and same as gt style.I already have the two seat conversion for the rear(ommits rear seats)for exp or scort.also direct fit.I know there arent many first gens here, but there are some and the first gen GT´s kick a$$.
for the oldest post in this section! :-D
ZX-2 S/R Leather Seats in a 93 Escort Wagon. Fronts plug in; Rears a BEAR requiring Modification (see old posts).
Mx-3 leather front+rear seats. direct swap. had to use mx3 clip for the rear. other than that. piece of cake.
I got 2 Bomz Racing Seats in my 3rd Gen. Woot! No rear seats at all. I had to use the factory brackets but need to drill some new holes so the Bomz seats fit perfectly.
92 Mx3 seats, got a good deal on them
92 MX3 Seats without adjustable head rest. Direct swap... They sit a lot lower then stock, almost a "lowered" feeling lol. and with the crappy non-tilt steering... its a bit of a pain but Im gonna raise my seats up a bit and lower the wheel some.

These went into my 97 Scort 5pd.
91sleeper said:
I have ´92 MX3 seats, thats the ones without the adjustable headrest. They are a direct swap. ~Mike

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