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Hi folks! Hope you guys are busy working on all you nice projects!

Since I've started my custom bumper project in order to add some foglights on my car, i've started to fabricate some polyurethane pods for some sealed beams i bought inexpensively a while back.

There is no how to on the site, but there is some pictures of my progress so far...Also, i really need your help as to where i should mount the sealed beams....in my mind, i have two options..

option 1 : Mount them side by side in the middle of the ``wide mouth`` space...which looks good....

option 2 : Mouth them on each side of the wide mouth space...leaving only a small part of the plastic lip that goes across the wide mouth....which looks good too...

I'll try to get some more appropriate pics tomorrow....I'm quite exhausted, it's raining outside and my camera is out of batteries....so i don't feel like running to the store ...it's also like 3 0'clock in the morning lol...


Thanks for your comments and inputs...they really give me nice vibes :p

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