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Custom Avatars?

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Just thought I´d poke the admins again ;-)
and new info on getting these? they don´t have to be hosted on the site, the way Clan Community (a gaming clan place) does their avatars is that they´re restricted to 80x80 pixels, and can only be outside links, they aren´t actually hosted on the site. a couple ideas to ponder i guess...i´d love to have Flea as my avatar (the right side pic of my signature :-D ), but she needs some editing to fit the 80x80...
anyhoo, my rant/coffee break is done, back to work!
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well how about you email em the image, fix ur signature, and i´ll see about uploading it :) hehe

u have a broken link for the first image in ur sig.
if it´s broken, it´s due to the lack of my little tripod´s site´s bandwidth. i´ve checked and the file is still there in the directory, and the link is correct.
is it broken for anyone else?
it´s not a link at all from here.
hrm was weird....first pic wouldnt show up but the other would. anyways yeah email me or if you have ur avatar online already just post the link and ill fix it.
coolness :-] it´ll probably take a couple days by the time i get it fixed up (wanna get rid of the black box, just have the sprite). and no, nothing of my signature is a link to anywhere else, that pic is just strewn around the ´net so much that tripod can´t handle so many ppl seeing it, so it crashes it temporarily. it should come back, or else something´s really borked...
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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