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1. The person to nominate a car MUST post a picture of the car at the same time. You can NOT nominate your own car.

2. No discussion in the COTM nomination/votings threads. Keep them on topic and related to the vote please.

3. Everybody may vote on a car, even if it's your own.

4. Five cars will be voted on each month. The first 5 nominations will be entered in to the COTM vote.

5. A car cannot be nominated 2 months in a row.

6. A car that WINS cannot be entered again for 12 months.

7. You allow FEOA to use a picture of your car in a yearly FEOA calendar. All profits will go to the website. (I'd like to try this again - has never happened)

8. Nominations take place for the first 10 days of the month, or until 5 cars have been nominated, whichever comes first.

9. Voting will start on the 15th of each month and last 10 days.

10. Each month will have a theme. I reserve the right to make decisions on which cars are eligible for each month's theme.

12. The picture of the car must have been taken while the car was in your possession. You may not post a picture of someone else's car and place it here. Please be honest.

Winners will be declared after the 10 days of voting are finished and will be posted in an announcement. Nomination threads will be deleted after the winner is announced to keep clutter minimal.

Please PM the moderators if you have any questions or problems with these rules.
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Not open for further replies.