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Cosworth hood scoops

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Does anyone know where I can find some of these????
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www.batinc.com used to sell them but i heard somewhere they dont sell escort parts anymore
I think your link is wrong, unless they really changed their product line.
If anyone is serious about buying from BAT, let me know. I´ve talked with them multiple times. They won´t carry or ship parts anymore, but if they get a huge order (almost like starting a custom part), then they said they might do it. But the awesome thing is that they can get almost any Cosworth or Escort/euro car part. So, it we´re serious people, lets get it!
i want a front cosworth bumper and the spoiler . can he get these parts
I wish I had a Cosworth...even if it had my GT bodykit on it I wouldn´t care...but 2.0 or 2.2 turbo motor with around 300hp...oh baby.
"actually 390" LOL hey. damn anything near or over 250 for me would do.

I was watching Autoweek last...well...week and they showed a Ford "concept" truck. It was the smaller lighter Ford Ranger with the Lightning 5.4L Triton Supercharged V8 under the hood. That truck can´t have a much bigger engine compartment than the Escorts, and if someone has lots of time and money (and a second car to drive), they could make an engine fit in there. I have seen V8s in Cavaliers.
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Fun "Super-Motor" concept is having fun with Merker XR4Ti´s They have the 2.3L SOHC Ford Pinto motor..but stock run like 18psi of boost. The fun thing to do is build those Pinto motors....There´s a guy in my town that had a white one pushing almost 40psi on the rally races...it was INSANE...and because most people mistake the Xr4Ti as an Escort, you can have A LOT of fun with them.
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