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*Costly Obsessions 2003* Update

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I know this is early since it will be next August.

But next year I want there to be a showing of FEOA/ERDT Pride at the Costly Obsessions "North of the Border Bash".



I´m going to be getting in contact with Team ZX2 Ontario.com , EscortRacing.com , FordEscortOnline.com and going to co-ordinate with them to arrange a massive gathering of ALL generations of Escorts from both Canada and the USA.

The way to be recognized is to be organized at large public shows with good new/media coverage.

So it´s time to be ready and public!

My thoughts on the situation is to book a large area in the main "show" area and have the ERDT/www.EscortRacing.com ....www.FEOA.net .....Team ZX2 Ontario banners out on our Pavilion tents.

Yes...it is a dream as of right now....but what I want to know is how many of you want to make this dream a Reality!

We have one year to get organized and get polished to turn some heads in one of the Largest out door shows in all of Canada!

(plus it will be just a huge blast at the day end parties

Camping in available on the Bingamen´s ground (and can be booked over the internet)....and other accomodations are within a minimum of a 1 minute drive.

See you in August!

(post here if you are coming/and thoughts so we can get thing rolling)

´91 ELX 5 dr.

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May be a long ways away...but suddenly I´m thinking ROAD TRIP
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Far away? Heck, this is perfect!

Come on up, everybody; it´s worth the drive. Do you realize how cheap a trip to Canada is given the dollar? You´ll be able to buy half the Canadian cars on display. And with the expertise in the Toronto area, it´ll be worth your while.

Great idea. Let the countdown begin!!
- Rob
Where exactly is Costly Obsessions held each year??
Is there an entrance fee??

I´m new to this stuff to bare with me.
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The north end of Kitchener Ontario...on Victioria Street at the Bingemens Conference and Amusement Park (ie...they got big water slides
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Hmmm, I have never been up north before. I´ve never even been out of the country, not even Mexico and it´s only 2 hrs south of here. I think I deserve a trip to Canada though. I´m sure the weather will be a lot nicer in August there than down here. Godd thing the Pimpscort gets good gas mileage. If it were a meet for Mustangs, I´d pay enough in gas getting there and back to have bought a plane ticket.
I like Costly Obsessions because it´s not only import. It´s everything. Tons of tracks even minivans. All passoble models. Exacly Obsession and not only import obsession. Last time there were 5 escorts. We shell make it up to 15-20:) 20 Escorts in line. LOL. We shell because it´s a serios show and with right number of escorts we can make aftermarket boys interested.
Skuce, it would appear that you are prepared to take the lead on this. If us Scort people wanted to get a large area what would be the cost and when would it have to be booked. If indeed there is a fee perhaps those people who intend to come could split it up. My Escort GT will be finished up this fall, might be a lot of fun to put it in with a bunch of other Escorts. Any chance of obtaining mail lists from this site or ERDT (recognizing that a lot of viewers (including me) have not joined...yet.
So the list as it stands right now...

(These are ERDT screen names...so tell me if yours is different here on FEOA)

(this will be updated as time goes by of course...updated on Feb, 10/03)


Escort GT
Vice Pres IEOA (replace with screen name later)

Wood ????
Rob-from-Ottawa ????


Team ZX2/TZO List


MeAnGrEeN Zx2 ????


And the folks "South of The Border" are bigtime invited to come up to this meet also!

´91 ELX H/B
´93 ELX Sedan

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Here are what costs are for the actual show (prices from last year)

Show Pre-Registration: -------------$30 Cdn
Show Registration at the door: ---$40 Cdn
SPL Competition: --------------------$15 Cdn (+Pre-Registration fee)
SPL Comp ONLY: ---------------------$25 Cdn
Show T-Shirt (w/ Pre-Reg Only)---$10 Cdn

*Valid Drivers Licence and Insurance must be provided at the registration booth

*Camping and other Accomodations extra


As for who can enter......

You can be anything from bone stock with clear corners to Wild on hydros and Supra tails

(Just don´t expect to win a comp. with a bone stock car though :wink: )

Here is some more info that I got from Dino @ Costly Obsessions....


Hey Drew,

The website will be updated soon! As for the a large area in the showfield i
need to know tent specifications cause you need a permit in the city of
kitchener its a real pain but possible. What you would have to do is pre
register all the vehicles and that will do two things one it will guarantee
a spot for you guys and secondly i would make a seperate class for
escorts.Let me know or you can call me at 1-888-265-0***
if you have any questions.If theres no answer please leave a message I will
get back to you promptly.Thanks for your time and consideration.

Kindest Regards,

Dino Salciccioli
North of the Border Bash
Costly Obsessions


I hope that answers a few people questions regarding this show
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Ok never been to one before but suddenly i´m thinking ROAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAD TRIIIIIIIIIP!!

As long as I get sufficient time to prepare for it and GOOD directions, count me in
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I doubt I would attent (getting married in late june) so I´ll be strapped time and money wise for sure. however I´m sure donnie and I would be more than willing to work with who ever wants to represent the FEOA side. I´ll talk with donnie and see what we come up with.
I really want to go...but there´s no way my car is going to be that done by then. Well see though.
hmmmmmmmm 24 hour drive hey...? also i think i might be too young.. what with all the wet t-shirt contests and such
it would be fun but i dont have the $500 to shell out for gas
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I could attend, but my s-cort is pretty much bone stock, and (I didn´t do it) but it´s dented to hell and looks like a POS-cort...

I probably wouldn´t help the escort image that much
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On 2002-12-23 12:12, nukewater wrote:
wet t-shirt contests and such


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im with siragan,
i would love to go but my scort is not ready.
This is in August.....plenty of time!!!!
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