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Drivetrain Correct seals for a 1992 5 speed

Discussion in 'Drivetrains' started by Joey_Twowagons, Dec 5, 2019.

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    I am making up an order with Rockauto and plan to order all the seals to fit my transmission but have a bit of confusion about which ones are required for the axle shafts.

    Rockauto lists a "Drive Axle Seal", BECK/ARNLEY 0523520 and also "Main / Output Shaft Seal" which is divided into left and right seals.

    The latter seem less likely to be the ones, but it's odd that it comes in a left and right variant. There is a separately listed input shaft seal which is smaller and I am pretty sure really is the input seal.

    There is also a bearing and seal kit which shows only two large seals, so presumably the transmission doesn't need both Drive Axle and Main / Output Shaft Seals.

    My transmission recently gave trouble due to a complete lack of fluid, so I wish to replace all the seals when the weather warms up.

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