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thermostatic fan switch

the thermostat and thermostatic fan switch are two different devices. The thermostat opens coolant into the engine via a bimetallic spring gizmo, it has a temp that it opens which is typically 195 degrees on 1st gens. (I have a 180 degree stant in mine for extra early cooling).

The thermostatic fanswitch is threaded onto the thermostat housing and has the electrical connector for the fan, it operates at a different temp, which I believe is 220 degrees. If you changed the fan, your likely culprit is this switch. I recently tried to remove mine, but the sucker was welded on, so I pulled a new housing with switch from a junkyard that looked like it saw minor use. All works well now. If junkyard pullin isnt an option, zxtuner.com has some low temp thermos and fan switches for the 1st gen. good luck.

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