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coolant smell in exaust

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This Sunday I decided to run my 92lx wagon out the interstate at 85-90 mph to clear out a fuel injection stumble I had for a couple of weeks. I solved the idle stumble with Chevron Techron and the high speed run but now I have a smell of antifreeze out the exaust. I either cracked the head or popped the head gasket. First question: Does this generation of escort have a head cracking problem? Years back my 86 did the same thing and that took a head. The gasket on that engine looked fine. Second question:Is there anything I can dump in the radiator to buy me more time. If I cant put the repair off until warmer weather im afraid its going to the dealer. I was pulling 5 grand up a long hill, no more....Any advice is apreciated.
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they aren´t known for it that I know of, however any car can blow a gasket or warp a head. G´luck.
What exactly does antifreeze smell like? I know when it´s burning it´s a white cloud and I know if you taste it it´s sweet, but what´s it smell like?
It´s got a pungeant sweet smell to it. About as strong as sauteed garlic, but not sharp.
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