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Hi again, all. I hope someone has some idea of what is going on... and I hope my problem isn't totally catastrophic. Here's the scoop:

The positive alternator wire corroded and melted off of the back of the alternator. So I removed the alternator and repaired the wire and connections. In the meantime I noticed the metal heater hose was leaking that runs right by the crank pulley. So I replaced that, too.

On the way home from the next town over, as I was passing a car, the serpentine belt popped off. It was night time and I had the kids in the car, so I kept going home. It made it home fine (about 10 miles with no water pump, power steering or alternator). I kept a very close eye on the temp gauge, which never veered more than 1/8 of an inch above where it normally runs. I figured convection was circulating coolant around.

When I pulled in the garage, coolant was leaking. I let it cool down, and figured perhaps I didn't tighten a clamp enough on the heater hose I replaced. Well, upon further inspection I found the heater hose was fine. I got the belt back on and started 'er up. Runs perfectly, but coolant began leaking out again... It was leaking down the mating surface for the water pump, so I suspected the water pump. But the coolant wasn't coming from the shaft-seal area. I couldn't find where it was leaking from.

So I applied air pressure to the system with the compressor to try and find the leak. It sounded like it was coming from under the intake manifold near the far right side of the head. The air was leaking fairly significantly with intermittent blasts of coolant. But I couldn't see where it was coming from. It sounded like it may be coming from behind the overhead cam sprockets. So I took the timing belt cover off on top. This is where the coolant is leaking from. The timing belt cover has a back that runs behind the cam sprockets, and there's a small rectangle hole near the rear sprocket. This is where the coolant is spraying through.... I presume from the head somewhere. :lol:

I am praying that there is some miraculous way for the water pump to suddenly start leaking significantly in this area, but I'm pretty sure not. Is there a freeze plug that could have popped back there?

I seriously don't see how I could have popped a hole in the head without overheating it at all. (according to the temp gauge, anyway) I was hoping to just have to tweak a hose clamp and put the serpentine belt back on and be on my way. I get the dreadful feeling that I may need to replace the head now.

Does anyone have any pointers before I start exploratory surgery. The car runs beautifully. Did I kill it by driving it without the serpentine belt?


Thanks for any help you an offer.
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