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cookies enabled here???

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they were before the domain name conversion, but now it´s askin me every time i post for my id and pass. did something mess up with the change, or is this intentional? or am i just missing the button that says ´use cookies´ or something...
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weird, everything works fine for me. i don´t have to login lots like your saying. have your tried to goto your account, click the log out link. close the browser and start over. thats the only thing that i can think of.
well i would click on the log out, if it showed up. when i goto ´your account´ it askes for user, pass, fine fine. so i type it in, and it brings me to the page showing my info and sig. but @ the bottom it says "Actual User Status: Offline" and it doesn´t actually log me in. if i click on your account again it will ask me for user / pass again :mad:
which url do you goto? try going to www.feoa.net and then try logging in.
well that did it. for anyone experiencing cookie troubles with escortgt.com, use feoa.net instead. weird.
This seems to be the same problem I had trying to access to edit my pictures.
hrm, make sure you are going to www.feoa.net .... that solved the prolem before.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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