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Converting a 1.8 DOHC motor to speed density?

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Can it be done?
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I would really like to answer your question Cos...but right now I´m quite a bit bewildered, and should probably not even ask
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OK, so it´ll be obvious from my question that I can´t answer your question, but just what is Speed Density???
please enlighten us!
Speed density is the system that Honda uses. Ever notice that a Honda intake doesn´t have the MAF adapter inline? The downside of the speed density system is that you must use a fuel pressure riser when you increase airflow in order to avoid going too lean. The plus side is that there isn´t a significant restriction (the MAF assembly itself) sitting in the airway like everyone with a 91-95 EGT has. Except for Dennis and his 96. Lucky fellow.
The only way I know of is to use a standalone ECU, or the system that HKS makes to convert from a VAF/MAF to MAP (forgot the exact name). Either option will cost you over $1000, unless you can get something on ebay.
Thanx Zeemax, that makes perfect sense to me now.

How can this be done, how much might it increase power, and can it also be done on a 1.9L?
91sleeper....i am really looking to find an evo kit like that...where did u get it and can you still get one...i found a reall awesome one on some site for lasers and mazdas.... tx3.dialup.something or other. it was a red one that could be found on the pic_1 page. It was red and there was a caption about it being red with gold flakes in it. It also had the cosworth wing on it. so if anyone has ever heard of that site and knows what im talking about, i think u´ll agree that the kit is freakin awesome.
I asked him that same thing once, 92gt, he told me they don´t make them or don´t import them anymore. one of the two either way it´s bad for us Americans and any of the Canadians, too.
Yeah, but Denise´s still uses a MAF instead of a VAF. while not as restrictive as the VAF, the best thing would be using a MAP and throttle angle to calculate fuel need. The Haltech works great, no restrictive airflow meter. BTW you can probably expect a 6-10% power increase when the VAF is removed. I guess it can probably be done but it would take some R&D and probably too much money, better off going with a stand alone ECU.
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