I'm considering selling this Escort. It's an LX 5spd with working ac and runs good. 159,000 miles. 15 inch wheels. Good tires. Custom chin spoiler, matches up fairly well overall, its garden edging form the hardware store but it looks nice i.m.o. I like the look. It's not exagerated or anything so harder to tell what I made it out of.

Idles a little uneven and revs up a little bit when changing gears. I think its the tps or iac, maybe vacuum lines. Needs an alignment, we replaced the strut assembly's and haven't taken it in yet. Drives fine though without the alignment. Slight pull to the right at 70mph it seems, but otherwise fine. There are some mild-ish dents and some small scratches from age. Just replaced the hydraulic clutch. The car seems to have been treated pretty good its whole life.

Of note, there is some rust, Nebraska is a rust state so be aware. Some under the rockers, and under the rear gas filler. I sprayed it with rust converter so it wont get worse. The car seems relatively solid though. I'll get some better pictures if anyone shows interest.

Just bought a 97 Buick with 68k miles so we don't want 4 cars on our insurance. This thing purrs lol, Buick 3800 v6 series 2 with 68k lol. Going to do the suspension and fix the ac and drive it till the wheels fall off. It floats, I think the seals dried up on the struts.
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