Please ignore the posted price!!!!! This forum wouldn't let me post unless I put a price, but the nature of this post is that I'm parting out this car. I didn't want to put zero or else you would all demand everything for free from me, and I would rather have not stated any specific price at all. But I want to open this up here to others who appreciate Ford Escorts

I would hate to see my car go completely to waste. It's the best car I've ever owned by a landslide. It's been more reliable than I could have imagined when I bought it. Now, it's a 25 year old Ontario car. The chassis is too rusted now, and I don't consider it safe to drive any longer.

1997 4-door Ford Escort
2.0L single overhead cam model
5 speed manual

In 2016 I did a significant amount of body work, including welding my floors, and patching up rocker panels.

In 2017 I got rear ended by an F150 pickup truck at a stop sign, at a blind intersection, when the m*f* took off. (I got his plates and reported the hit-and-run incident to the Toronto police.) The rear bumper was replaced but some structural damage to the rear end remains.

Two weeks ago a chunk of metal flew off my car, from the left rocker panel close to the rear wheel, exposing what's left of my car's stucture in that area.

In the 14½ years I've had it, it's had more exhaust systems replaced than I can even remember (three or four?) Now my exhaust is poorly patched and looks like a mess, and sounds like it's leaking in five places again.

I replaced the brake lines from the front to the rear in 2010, and then again in 2015 (I didn't replace the front brake lines, only the rusted out lines going to to the rear wheels.) Now they look like they'll need to be done again. In 2021 one front brake line actually broke on me, which I replaced.

Rear struts replaced in 2013. Then in 2016 I had to take them back out again and replace the strut mounts (quality issues...)

Headliner is sagging.

Shift linkage is loose with out any line on parts to replace with.

In 2020 I did a fair bit of work; I pulled the steering rack to replace the short lines and the steering rack bushings. I also replaced the front shocks. (It was earlier on in the pandemic when I had spare time!)

The plastic fuel tank was purchased used, and came from a 1994 Escort. The tank was shipped up to me from Tennessee and I installed it in I think 2014. It's still good.

Front end body is good. Fenders, headlights are yellowed, bumper, doors all in quite good shape all things considered.

Windows are all intact and rear defrost works.

The car has about 270,000km on it. Timing belt and water pump was replaced about 30,000 km ago (Gates brand)

Car is red with tan interior. Mechanically it's in good shape still. The 2.0L engine still runs like the day I bought it back in 1997. Clutch is still good, never replaced since my ownership. Shifts good except for the worn linkage makes the shifter feel loose side to side. Already replaced the bushings but there one joint that looks like it's permanently attached is loose.

The engine leaks a bit of oil from the bottom end.

I don't have any shop equipment or garage to pull the engine and trans.

Willing to sell some parts or the whole car to the right person. I drove it up until about two weeks ago. Now my landlord wants it gone.