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congrats to feoa!

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just noticed that we passed the 500,000 hits mark a couple days ago. so from april 2002 we have accumulated half of a million hits! WOO

the club has come a long way from what it was way back when it started. we merged with egtdude´s site, escortgt.com, and grew from there. the site has gone through many many changes.

thanks to egtdude for all his help, and thanks to all you guys out there for makin the site what it is!!

1993 Escort GT

- FEOA.net
- Personal Site

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Yeah. Cool!!!
Thanx for all you do for this site!
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That´s sweet! I´ve been around here for a couple years now and it´s nice to see the progress that the site has made. My personal escort escapades started here as a matter of fact. Keep up the good work guys.
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