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Hey guys, I´m a bit confused....Did you need to go with an FMU (Apexi seems the popular one) with 330 injectors? Or can our ECU get them to idle ok?
The only mention around is for the 400+ RX7 injectors. I imagine they pump too much gas at idle?
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If you can find 330cc they should work (but idle just a little rough). You might want to think about turning your idle up to about 1k revs with the 330´s.

If you use the RX7 460cc injectors idling would be aweful, because they flow so much during they´re limited pulse width.

The biggest difference is how much boost your going to run. If you plan to run up to about 10psi I think the 330´s should work well. I just went with the 460s because my aim is to run 15psi on race gas.
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