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Cone intake

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Has anyone here installed the type of intake that makes a 90 degree bend into that cavern the driver´s front side of the engine compartment?

I already have a K&N intake, but I want something easy to modify to block off the hot engine air. Alternatively, any suggestions on how to isolate the K&N filter from the engien air as is?
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i do, i have a K&N airfilter system, and what i did, this may or may not work good, or may or may not be done the best that it could have, but i fabricated a heat shield around the cone and the resonator box (i think thats it) and made nice sized holes to perfectly fit the tube and the sensor, it works great, its gettin prretty beat up, i should make anew one some day, ill get some pics for u to give u an idea...
Well I´ve got the K&N FIPK and with my new bmw headlights, there´s a small crack along the top of the headlight and the hood for fresh air to come in, so air temp is fairly cool over in that corner.

However, I have seen people make a CAI by angling the filter element down into that "crevace" near the wheel well, then taking cutting out a section of the wall on the bumper side of the crevace area, and leading a tube of some sort and creating a ram air situation. This would work, but don´t forget that in order to cram air in, you need to cram an equal amount of air out, so you can´t simply seal off one side, or you wont get any flow.
My favorite method.. and cheap:
Rubbermaid Fresh Air Intake

Keeps it cool, clean, cheap, and easy.
Looks cool, but seems more like a restriction to me. the whole point of the cone filter is to get rid of the airbox, so why put a box around it.

27-03-2003 at 16:31, Pimp_scort_89_GT wrote:
Looks cool, but seems more like a restriction to me. the whole point of the cone filter is to get rid of the airbox, so why put a box around it.


that´s what i was thinking too. the cone allows air to easily flow through from all directions, taking advantage of the volume around it. if it´s contained within tupperware, the surrounding volume is restricted. but having it ´ram air´ as in those examples would probably even out the resctriction. only problem i see with that zx´s setup is that the opening for the ram air tubing is the same size as the tubing. if anything it should be larger, to funnel the air in and force it through faster. i must admit that it does look somewhat ´professional´ though... :-]
Nuke - I noticed you were running Nokian tires. what did you think of the tires?

the whole point of the cone filter is to get rid of the airbox, so why put a box around it.

[/TD][/TR][/TABLE] Well, usually the airbox isn´t the biggest restriction.. it´s the tiny filter element. By installing a large cone you´re increasing the surface area of the filter element.. but if you´re sucking in hot engine air you´re wasting your time. Also, by removing the box you´re taking away a big intake tract muffler that the engineers decided would help lessen NVH... and your engine will make a louder intake growl whenever you open the throttle. The effect usually makes people think their engine is much more powerful than it was before... even though overall hp usually changes less than 2 hp (up or down) from the stock configuration when adding a cone filter.

You could make a long pipe cold air intake and mount a filter right behind a grill opening, but making such a long intake means your throttle response will suffer. Adding an oversized cold air box, with a cone filter inside, close to the engine, with adequate access to cold air, is probably one of the better intakes for the street that I can think of.

As for Air Ram, it´s been shown time and time again that the whole air ram thing doesn´t really work as well as advertised. Unless of course you use a NACA duct ;) I think one would look nice on the front of the scort hood.. dumping directly into a tupperware container :-]

OT: I tried to get some Nokians this winter.. but noone in my area carries them :( Got some Michelin Alpins instead :-? What model Nokians are those?
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i beleive this is what your talking about here

thats mikes setup contact info for him can be found here

I can´t remember who made those exactly but he would be able to tell you
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does the k and n filters make a difference? is it worh it?
I´ve never seen a really huge increase by installing a cone filter. to get a real increase you´d have to increase the VE of your heads by doing a port and polish and a bunch of other expensive mods.
That´s the one...THANKS!!
no prob bptech email mike hed be able to tell you where to get it, i beleive off the top of my head zxtuner.com carries the turn down pipe
Hey thanks for posting that andrew. I got that cold air pipe from compass motorsports, but they aren´t around anymore. You can get a different one from cta motorsports. Their´s is aluminum and looks better. It doesn´t say it fits 2nd gens, but it will. CTA Motorsports
Compass motor sports is gone now?! they´re partly the ones that led me to FEOA.net....damn. oh well.
yeah i didnt know either till the other night, i found a cached version from when they did free hosting with geocities though oddly enough, and i found mikes webpage through the google search cause he has them linked lol
those nokians gripped almost too well i´d say, very well in the winter, didnt do much sliding or anything, but i COULD NOT turn over the tires (it was auto) they just gripped to well ;), oh well, that car is gone :(
Here is my ramair. It´s little bit different now but idea is the same.
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