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Hey, is anyone else here an avid/hardcore gomputer gamer? If so, what games?
me: addicted to Diablo 2, Mechwarrior 2,3,4, Mechcommander 2, Starcraft, and Firearms MOD for HalfLife. now and then, ST:TNG Birth of the Federation and Homeworld
and during the single hour of the day when i´m not gaming: thinking about women, my Scort, or studying for school. Sometimes partying, but there´s not much to do when you´re 18 in Regina, SK, CAN...
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i like to play:

halflife: Day of Defeat
halflife: Team Fortress Classic
halflife: Counter-Strike

halflife by itself sucks, i don´t like it at all, but the mods they have for it...holy crap they are great!!
1 - 2 of 12 Posts
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