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compression and turbo?

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ive been researching getting a turbo for my egt for a while and was wondering if anyone knows what is better high or low compression on a turbod vehicle and why,
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Lower compression is better for a turbo motor, but the higher compression will make more hp on the same boost. Using lower compression you theoretically can push more boost. Say you had two engines, one with 8.0:1 compression and one with 9.5:1 compression. Of course the higher compression one would make more power with the same boost (say 15psi). But say the 9.5:1 engine can only handle 15psi, but the 8.0:1 can take 25psi or more. Then the lower compression engine would most likely net you more power with more boost. So bascially they are both usable it just depends on what you wanna do with it. Also remember the lower compression engine will be sloooow before you hit boost. I know this first hand from my 323 turbo which has a whopping (lol) 7.9:1 compression ratio.
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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