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compatable parts..

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what other auto makers -brands and models- are compatible to the ford escort for parts, preferably for the 91-96 models?

(ex. madza, mercury, etc..)
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Mercury Tracer, match the year and you can´t go wrong.
Oh, for yours, I believe 91-96 should work for the most part.
Some MX3 parts will swap directly. Mostly interior stuff and the suspension.
Mike nailed it... some MX3 chassis parts and could be motor if it has the BPD in it.

But in a junkyard look for:
Kia Sephia´s (up to 9


On a far idea:
Mk III and IV Toyota Supra´s
They at least have fuel components that will work.
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Kia sephias the years are 95-97, the sephias had forged internals also great for a turbo setup
Why the hell would Kia put forged internals in that car? It, like the Escort LX is nothing but an economy car. But on the same token someone who doesn´t like Escorts would say why did Ford put forged internals in the EGT? (partly cause they didn´t know Mazda built the BPD8s
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