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compatability between the 2nd gen

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okay, i cant remember where i heard this, but this has always been implied. i know that almost everything for the 2nd generation escorts are interchangeable. but what about the bumpers (front and/or back) from an older 2nd gen to a newer 2nd gen?

example: if i find a '91 GT bumper, will it fit well on my '95 LX?

because i've heard from a few people and such that certain parts from the '91 & '92's are slightly different than the '93-'96's, and won't fit comfortably between eachother.

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You're OK with the bumpers though :)
Everything is interchangable.

However, everything might not line up completely perfectly. I put a 93 GT bumper on my 92 and there was about a 1/4 inch gap between the grille/headlights and the bumper. still looked better than my old cracked bumper though. :wink:
Let me rephrase that... everything cosmetic is interchangable... the engine and transmission stuff won't swap right over, but the bumpers hood, headlights, rims, interior, taillights (depending on the model) will swap over.

The only thing that you have to remember is the 2 door side skirts won't fit onto the 4 doors. :p
The dash and steering wheel are not interchangeable because of the addition of air bags in 1995. I've put plenty of rear bumpers on my LX and I think they are all the same. I have noticed a difference in the tail lights mentioned above.
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