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cold weather...?

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i have a new problem, only recently my car has been doing this: when i leave it off for more than 20mins, my car will sputter and sometimes stall right after it starts up for awhile. i think it could be related to the cold weather we´ve been having like maybe the gas freezing in the lines. so i got some antifreeze solution to put in my gas tank. it doesnt seem to be the problem. any suggestions. my car has never done this before in any other weather pattern.
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yeha, it stops sputtering after 3000rpms. basically when i dont hit the gas, it sputters.
how do i know how the compression on the cylindars is fine? timing not sure. and when i bring the engine´s rpms to a higher rate (around 4000-6000rpms) while in gear i hear a kind of whistling noise. dont know if thats normal
it only whistles when in drive, maybe reverse, but havent reached a point where i was going fast enough to hear it in reverse. it seems to come from somewhere under the hood in the passenger side. it´s not excessively loud, just kinda sounds like i have a turbocharger.
no idiot lights and it revs up the same as always. yeah, it´s an auto
1 - 5 of 10 Posts
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