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Cold Air Induction

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Hey, I just made the wise decision to upgrade the 2+5/16" single barrel stromberg on my 1.6L to a 32/36 Webber and I was wondering how I would go about effectivly setting up a cold air intake.

I have a friend who can manufacture the intake adapter to bolt up to the carby intake (so I´m not paying $500AUS for a genuine K&N), but my thought was mabey to fit up a pod filter just in front of the radiator (remembering that the 1.6L radiator sits bick a few inches to the 2L) and just run a hose up to the carby intake.

Any ideas on how I might achive this efficiently or any other suggestions on how to set this up??

BTW I intend on keeping this engine naturally aspirated.

Any advice/ideas would be great.

p.s. Anyone got any idea´s on how much I´m paying for a Lotus Twin-Cam head here in Australia?
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