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ok no matter what the hell you buy for coil overs heres some tips from what i learned while doing the install

first get your struts (i dont care what kind just get some that can take lowering) then cut off the spring perches completely

i did this by using a angle grinder to cut the bulk of the perch off, then i was left with 3 chunks of the perch welded to the strut (3 connection points for the perch on my tokico blues) then i took a dremel and a cutting disk, and made a grind even with the weld on the strut, you dont need to cut deep cuz thats kinda dangerous, then i grabbed the chunk of perch with a set of vice grips and riped the remaining chunk of perch off the weld (it peeled off on the grinded strip that i made with the dremel so nice and straight on the weld) i did this for the other two chunks and repeated for each strut

then once all thats on the strut body is the weld ( you can choose to get a mechanic to weld more weld onto the weld if your worried the sleeve will slip over the weld I DIDNT)

put your sleeve onto the strut (if mods have to be done to the strut to get the sleeve over do it, ie grind the top strut seal looks like a washer) now you will see how the outside diameter of the strut body, is a bit smaller then the inner diameter of the sleve if you leave it like this you will get rattling, so quick fix grab some duct tape, (take the sleeve off) and duct tape around the strut body where the sleeve will fit, until the sleeve fits tightly ie you have to tap with a mallet to get it on, once the duct tape is on you can choose to cover the tape with silicone (thin film) i did this then shove that sleeve on and allow to dry, voilla no rattles

and this is far better then using the rubber o rings they give you to put on the strut body to keep the sleeve from rattling

just thought id let you all know

oh and its a good idea to put boots on the strut if you get winter weather or are in sand dirt etc. big city i wouldnt worry to much

i just got some universal 4x4 strut boots and cut them and zip tied them on, oh and they were a bit to fat cuz they touch my coilovers spring but meh who cares
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