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Clutch Springs???

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I have a developing problem and it seems to be pointing to the Clutch Springs (or something in there..). When I start out in 1st from a stop I have to slip the Clutch or the car will bounce. The same thing happens in 2nd, but not 3rd through 5th (maybe that I have speed by then...). As well, if I have it in 2nd and hold it at 40kph the car will begin to bounce (well revs will bounce, causing the car to surge). If I feather the clutch the problem goes away...

Then under hard acceleration over 3500rpm, the engine screams but there is no acceleration, the car actually seems to slow down a bit...

How can I test to see if there is a true problem with the clutch without taking it apart? and if there is a problem, can someone give me a suggestion as to a good replacement clutch?

Red ´94 EGT
Plated: "MRVRMN"
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