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Clutch question...

Discussion in 'Tech & Repair' started by Cemore00, Nov 9, 2018.

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    New to the site, but I have a question regarding the clutch... so I have a '94 GT with the 5 speed manual, and a couple days ago when coming home from work, my clutch totally went out. Like pushing it all the way to the floor, there is no resistance. It's like the slave cylinder is not working, like it feels that clutch when you first start to bleed it. The master cylinder reservoir is full, no leaking from slave cylinder, and a week or so ago, I could feel the clutch slipping just a bit when letting the pedal out. I put a new slave on it probably 8 months ago, and a new clutch in it about a year ago... so is the plunger bad that connects to the pedal or is something more serious wrong internally in the trans? Fork im sure is bent, popped outta 5th about 3 yrs ago and 2nd gear the synchros are gone. (All bc I lost the front motor mount bolt and the whole motor rocked forward all when doing 75mph) I have another 5spd trans and 1.8 motor, and Aamco wants 9 bills to rebuild the trans IF they can find parts... any thoughts or suggestions would b greatly appreciated! Thanks!

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