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James92Scort said:
i asked them to save the clutch so i could see how bad it was, but they threw it away by the time i got there to pay for it and pick it up.
Those ignant muthaf*ckas...

It's sh*t like this that the shops pull that really pisses me off. God I hate them so much and I swear to god I'll never let a little pompus ******* prick touch my pile of rust car again...

My story:

Went in to have the oxygen sensor taken out. I already took off the heatshield and the radiator fan so they could get in there and take it out. It should have been like a 20 second pull-it-out job, just take out the old one, and put in the bosch one I gave them.

Well anyway, they end up stripping the threads on both the manifold and the brand freakin new sensor I give them, completely destroying both. THEN, not only do they just say "sorry man we f'd up your car" but they REPLACE the manifold, o2 sensor, AND my reverse light switch (which STILL doesn't work- I told those morons that it wasn't the switch that was the problem), AND a headlight, when I SPECIFICALLY said to them "don't touch anything but the o2 sensor without asking me. THEN, on top of that, they end up burning a hole in my intake tube with a utility light when they were working on it.

God I wanted to freakin kill those bastards. The bill ended up being like 400 dollars, and when you work a freakin minimum wage job with assholes that opress you, 400 bucks is a freakin lot of money. God I almost cried and vowed to never let a shop touch my car. So far it's been almost 6 months and I've spent less than 100 bucks on repairs and it runs great.

Either way, the sooner you learn to not become dependant, the happier you will be.

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