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clutch disc

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ok, i pulled my clutch off today and the disc is glazed but there´s still lots of beef (clutch material) left. how can i recondition the clutch surface? or is that even heard of?

p.s. for anyone who cares... the SVO flywheel WILL NOT fit a 1st gen scort. baH!
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nope...if the clutch plate is glazed, u need a new one...and if thats glazed, it means u need ur flywheel resurfaced..before u put on a new clutch, i recommend that u seriousy go get it resurfaced... since our clutches are of odd shape it costs a little more to do it, but it will need to be done cuz chances are u have hot spots and its not perfectly balanced nemore.
well the flywheel does show some very light blue-ish tint to it, so it´s probably a little out of shape. i´m trying to work out all this svo flywheel b.s., but if i end up needing the old one, i´ll have it resurfaced before putting on a new clutch.
yup, light blue is a heat spot.....ever seen what a fried rotor looks like? its all bluish and grey looking? its the very same diagnosis for ur flywheel. if its got blue spots, then it needs resurfaced.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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