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:?: My wife's 93 Escort (2nd one!) (manual transaxle), starts rattling when I get up to about 3200 rpm. It doesn't matter which gear. If I am cruising on the highway, I have to get going pretty good (over the speed limit) , to get it to rattle. :wink:
Well now I have another problem. Suddenly, When I shift into first (when starting up), there is no power until I reach that old rattle point.(3200 rpm), then she starts to move, when I shift into 2nd, the same thing. Third doesn't seem to be as bad.
My question is this. Was this rattle a warning that this new problem was going to happen, or is it totally unrelated?
It's in having the clutch looked at now.
My old 93, used to shake (wobble) at 110-112 kph, but settle out at 115. You could really tell when I was towing my tent trailer and got it up to 110. The trailer would start to sway, but then straighten out at 115.

Man I loved that car, and hated to give it away to my brother-in-law (wife's idea) He painted it bright yellow and put a company logo (big red stop sign) on the side. Believe it or not, somebody actually stole it like that! But he got it back, (no kidding!!!) Until it got written off in a t-bone. (What the other guy didn't see it?) :glasses7:
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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