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Clear Taillights

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Who makes, if anyone, clear taillights for an 85.5 to an 88.5 egt? I would love to know. Thanks
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Absolutly nobody that I know of. BUT..... If you feel up to the chalenge of doing them yourself, go to www.adam.patzer.com (geez as many times as I´ve plugged that site you´d think I was getting paid) anyw go to that website and click on the how too button. They have a tech article on there abe making what they call "Poor Boy Euros" They look really awsome, but they aren´t clear. I, on the otherhand, think I found a way to adapt part of what he has done and takeing it on step further to make actual Clear Euro lights for the Gen 1. I Have a extra set of tails laying around that I think I´m going to try to modify into Euros. If anyone else is interested I would be willing to make a few sets if they work out and distribute them for a price possably if enough people show interest.
I could have sworn that I´ve seen production tails for the late 80´s scorts.

I just can´t find the site right now....but I know I´ve seen them.
Hey if you´re willing to make sim´d euro´s for my 2cd gen I would pay for them. Better yet tails and the reflector pieces that go between.

If you need I´ll even drive down to Phoenix to use my scort as a test vehicle.
Hey Blade, I´m game. I´ve never payed too much attention to haw the second gen lights were set up, but I´m sure it won´t be too hard If I can get the first gens to work right. I´ve always wanted to try to make some, but never knew where to start, but now that I have a good idea, the sky´s the limit.
Ok, after I made that last post I ran straight out to my garage and yanked apart one of my other taillights. I have started a preliminary plan on how I am going to make them, and it looks like it can be done. It´ll be tricky, but I think it´s feasable. I will go to Home Depot tomorrow to try to get the suplies I need, and hopefully have a working prototype by this time next week. I´ll keep you posted.
Hey guys, I found the stuff I need to make this happen. Who´d of thought Home Depot would double as a parts store? Anyway, I´ll be drawing up some plans, and getting to work on them ASAP.
Blade and Pimp....

If you guys work out the the plans and actually get the clear lenses for the 2nd gen. EGT developed, I´ll definitely purchase a set. I´m certain a lot of other 2nd gen. EGT owners would be interested as well. Let us all know what you come up with and how much you need. I´d even be willing to assist funding the R&D.
Thanks for the interest "cc" I´ve had to work late all weekend, but I have tomorrow off, so I´ll be spending most of it developing my 1st gen lights. Also Blade, I took a look at a 2nd gen at my work the other day, and I think I got some ideas on how to go about making the 2nd gen light too. I let you know how mine turn out, and them maybe we can choose a weekend to get together and stard developing the 2nd gen lights.
Just so you guys know I too would be willing to buy a set of clear tail lenses if ya get them made up, and put up some pics
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hey if youre wondering an easy way to make clear tails for your second gen scort.. just go to your local highschool or plastic manufacturer and see if they have a thermal vaccume mold take your lense out and drill some little holes in it and find some clear thermal plastic and the school or plastic place will know what to do from there...i am just completeing my right side now...
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Okay gang, I just found a manufacture who might be able to fix us up on some clear lights for our 1st Gen. Scorts. He manufactures plastic parts and lenes so I sent him an email tonight with the information so I probably won´t hear from him till tomorrow or so. I will keep everybody posted on what might be.
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Ok guy´s My goal is to have at least one tail light finised by tomorrow, so look for some pics in the very near future. And thanks again for all the support and interest.
Just so you guys know I am planning on making "euro" tails, not just plain ol´ clear tails. I think I said that in a previous post but I´m not sure. Personaly I think just clear tails look a bit retarded, but the euro tails are a bit more stylish. Thanks for the info about the molding though. It might come in handy when making the clear lenses, but the real tricky part is going to be making the cirular red lenses on the inside. I have a good idea how I am goin to do it though, so we´ll see how it works out. Thanks again for all the interest. Hopefully everything will work out great with my lenses. After that I will try to get intouch with Blade so we can get together and start on the 2nd gen lenses.
Sounds good. Hey I´ll hopefully be at Firebird this coming Thursday night. I have the turbo bolted on the Escort right now, so it looks like unless tuning goes bad I can run on the track turbocharged
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hey pimp,
do you think that you could write up a list of how you made them, and all the stuff you needed? That would be cool. This sounds like a good weekend project. Thanks
If this does turn out to be a pretty easy mod, and I do decide to make more how much would people be willing to pay for a set. Mind you I will have to find tail lights to mod inorder to do it, and I would be willing to go conciderably cheaper if you sent in your own lights to be modded. And for those of you who want to try to tackle it yourself I will write out a full set of plans with pics and put them up for even less. I hope to have my prototype finised by today. I wish the shocase was working, and I´d post pics there. If worse comes to worse I will post them somewhere else and put up the link here.


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