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Clear rear reflector.

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Today I was really pissed by my rear yellow reflector...even I painted already it still ugly. So I spent a day doing clear euro reflector. It´s done and right now I´m just witing when epoxy dry. Not a big project. Not as big as clear tails but still. I´ll post pics asap. wish I have a digital camera.
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I dunno this might sound stupid, but how do you make the reflectors go clear?
You´ll just need to take off yellow reflector and cut piece of prismatic clear plastic. 2 red circle reflectors. Paint the base the most reflective stuff you can find and glue everything together.
Exactly the same as making clear tails..but with no real bending required.
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I knew you´ll kick in Drew. So there is a question what brand of glue you use to glue plastic to the base. Epoxy has a yellowish color and it´s not that good for a look. I have to redo it because of that.
Mask off the whole centre section...and leave 1/4" around the edges (where the glue is). The spray it with either automotive Black spray...or stove paint.

Then you have a line of black trim covering the glue line
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I´ve used.....

-Regular Slicone (not to happy with it)
-Paintable DAP silicone (definetly better...but make sure it takes a long time to dry!!)
-Bull Dog grip Construction Adhesives (pretty good but a bit brittle for my liking)
-Next I´m trying Automotive GOOP..........

-Oh! and Black RTV works pretty good as well

´91 ELX 5 dr.

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and cut piece of prismatic clear plastic. 2 red circle reflectors.


where do you get this???
Some more info on this would be appreciated. I just pulled off my hated yellow reflector and have been sitting here trying to figure out how to make a clear or to fill in the holes and make it smooth. Please add in the details. Thanks, Erik
Ok used my dremel to clean out the groove around the black part after removing the yellow plastic. Then I used prismatic refector tape for fishing lures. (it comes in lots of colors) then I cut and trimmed prismatic clear plastic and glued it on the backing. After my glue dries(clear silicone adhesive)I will trim and shape the excess plastic. It looks ptreety good already. If someone would tell me how to post a digital picture I will put up the finished product. Thanks.
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