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clear corners

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two things.......where can i get the clear corners for my first gen 89 scort LX. Ive seen them on a few other scorts. Next when i get them is it actually legal to remove the useless reflector on the side. I dont really like that shit on there. Its just a question. and id need to know how to remove the reflector....i know its something with a heat gun....thats all i know
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well you have to have amber corners, either amber bulbs under clears, or clear bulbs under amber corners.

check ebay.

what reflector are you talking about?

and I personally think clear corners are overrated. my 2 cents.
the ones i saw looked like they were off the lynx, and they were clear, but one the side, there is a little refelctor, i want to know if i need that, and how to remove it
as siragan said, you´d need the reflector in there if you use a clear light bulb. if you put in an amber colord bulb, the reflector can go. i dunno how it´s removed though
Hey man, talk to Rascal, he worked a set for his 1gen, and they look great....he did remove the reflector also...as for using the amber bulb...man you guys must live in a hard @ss state....I´ve been running clears and white bulbs for over a year and have had not problems at all
not a hard @ss state, a hard @ss province ;-)
Yeah this province is hard on the ass, they should fix the FOOKIN roads. :-Y
awww c´mon how bad can they be there...I thought we had the worst roads on this part of the world...and I´m sure that anybody who has driven through this state would prob agree....lol
ill get pictures sometime to show you, its scary nuts.
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