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clear corners

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is zxtuner the only place to get clear corners? or is thier other websites
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There´s other places, check out my "FINALLY!!" thread in the Exterior Modifications Forum. I believe some poeple have mentioned other websites.
procarparts.com. I go tmine there, easy to deal with and pretty fast. Look on ebay they usually have them advertised pretty cheap. Under ford escort.
how long did it take for them to arrive?
www.nopionline.com $40 and it took me a week to get mine standard ground shipping.
anyway you go it will take about the same amount of time...but if you go ebay You´ll get them a few bucks cheaper but wait a week longer probably.
Try ebay, directpart.com, or pacificie.com. Dunno about the prices but worth a look.
I just threw on Tracer marker lights, $30.00 Canadian for the pair. Awesome fit and the won´t go piss yellow after a couple of years.
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I´ve got the Tracer corners, too. White where you want them, with a small amber reflector on the sides. Grab them at the junkyard or on Ebay used.
$5 to $10 US each, most of the time. And they´re factory-quality, not
flimsy aftermarket plastic that´ll crack or yellow in no time.
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You know the way you describe aftermarket clear cornes is the way I describe OEM ford head lights

Actually for that matter I think its a strong description characteristic for most OEM Motorcraft items.
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LOL...good one blade!
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I´m just really bitter because my headlights yellowed, and gunked up. I bought new ones "in perfect condition" on eBay, and they were in the same shape as mine were. I was pretty pissed off.

Anyhow, my friend Brian worked some wonders and cleared up mine with a rubbing compound and some other chemicals. He cleared his OEM ones up and the extra set I have. His set are the best, then the extra´s and then mine.

The extra´s are for sale if anyone just needs new headlights that are fully adjustable and the mounting bracket. They cleaned up wonderfully on Xmas. We dont want much..I just want to pay Brian for his time and try to get half the money I spent back, so shoot me an offer if anyone is interested.
Hey if any one finds clear lenses for first gens let me know.I.m about to buy some of those clear gts rock guards and flippin make some.
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