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Civic si kill

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I was heading home to my girlfriend the other night and i see this nice little green civic si. It was dropped, had piping and a airfiler. We were both 3 in the car so it was fair on the passenger scale. Anyway, i really tought i would of had more of a challenge. I stop to the light, no cars around, i look at him laffing because this guy is making fun of me thinking he would win. So i pump my rpm to 2700 and just let it rip. After 2nd gear i could of passed him so i stop at the end of my 3rd because i was already way in front of him. He pulls up to me and says, hey downshift and 2 nd we will race again. So i say i dont want to because the speed limit was coming down to 50 and there was cars around. So he comes to me he says, you dont know how to drive. I say, well i did just beat you did´nt I? I hate does fucking civic asshole I was gonna give him a honest thums up but I gave him a asshoe thumbs up.

I love my little gt... haha

And to all my scort parterns, represent..

Sore loosers suck, I mean come on!
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eyep! i know what you mean, civics are always talkin shi*. but i guess they have to. maybe to compensate for lack of confidence, or something?
the only cvcc
i´ve had trouble with so far was a 93hx with the acura v-tek conversion, with a turbo. and he was still talkin shi* as if that were equal!

then again forscorts stock against honvics stock weren´t equal either
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