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Hahahaha.. that's hott.. thankfully, Civics are never scared to race me.. even after they've seen my custom interior..

I'm sure he doesn't open his hood for anybody because that's shit's nasty from the oil leaks, and his SOHC 85hp speed demon would draw too large of a crowd.. we don't want the riot police getting involved. :)


92gt5spd said:
i love how u just appear out of nowhere and constantly post negative threads....
92gt5spd said:
whoopty freakin do...you beat a civic....stand in line for the "i beat a civic line"
Honestly, you are the most hypocritical human I know. Compared to you, soolee is one of my closest friends...

And you really do need to go see a doctor about the sand in your vagina. You're gonna get an infection if it stays in there much longer.
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