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Christmas Present For My Escort?

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Im thinking of buying something for myself for Christmas, but instead of feeling conceded and selfish, ill say its for my Escort, now what probably around $100 Canadian ($60 Us). Im thinking maybe Clear Corners or maybe a Front Tower Strut, what do you all think, and no i already got good breaks
and a turbo for $2000 isnt just over $100 LOL
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front tower strut is a strut (big metal bar) that goes from the top of each Shock thingy in your engine bay. It provides stability and agression in cornering. Also. what do you guys think about a total Tune up.. gettin her running the way she used to
Meh, I know how he feels, i have one of the Faster Escort Models and it feels kinda slow sometimes, (auto BTW), i feel for ya buddy, wish i could fix my escort problems, but noone knows the answers

ALSO, i have a K&N Filter, its shaped like a cone, i think, well its K&N for sure, i did not put it on tho, the previous owner did. Im so glad he cared for his car


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1995 Escort GT

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