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Christmas Present For My Escort?

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Im thinking of buying something for myself for Christmas, but instead of feeling conceded and selfish, ill say its for my Escort, now what probably around $100 Canadian ($60 Us). Im thinking maybe Clear Corners or maybe a Front Tower Strut, what do you all think, and no i already got good breaks
and a turbo for $2000 isnt just over $100 LOL
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i bought the car for 1904 dollars and spent at least 2500 on repairs, and as far as i can tell i have well over 7000 into it, and now I need to put more oil in it again. it was clicking this morning.
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Well, nuke that´s a good idea but if the shop starts finding other problems they´re going to want to hit you up for money for those. I´d say check out different shops and their prices for basic tune ups.

86FlameMachine: You have 1400 total in your car? I bought mine for 1904, and so far I´m pretty sure I have AT LEAST 3300+ dollars in it for repairs, that I can think of off the top of my head, including but not limited to: ~Clutch blew out: 600 bucks,
~Radiator hose blew out: 100 bucks, ~Timing belt snapped: 1000 bucks,
~Oil Rings failed: 1000 bucks,
~Changed serpantine belts, fixed intake and exhaust: 395 bucks,
~New tires cause old ones kept deflating: 300 bucks, and the list will keep going on. I have even more money in little nonsense stuff like tire valve covers a new shift knob, which by the way i took off cause the battery died. 1000 dollars of repairs isn´t a lot of money to sink into your car. Just look at my page two on my homepage: http://www.cardomain.com/id/james92scort ...you´ll see my point.
I dunno, I have had crappy luck with my car, but you don´t seem to love your car like I love mine.
I´m thinkin´ you should get a different car, maybe a new ZX2 with a warranty.
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ZX2´s are quicker than 2nd gen GTs, which are still quicker yet than 1st Gen GTs. How can it feel slower???
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