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well, today was interesting....

as i was scanning the classifieds, in the post gazette, i stumbled across an ´88 camaro...350, and flowmaster exhaust...auto, 7*000 miles....new brakes, needs inspections and tires....everything is ready to go, and it´s 1000/bo

..than, dave, from Texaco, said he´d sell me his, trans am for 2000....alright, i know he swapped the engine and what not...correct me if i´m wrong, but it´s got a 403 in it now....comes with 3 trannies, another engine...racing seats...hood scoop...needs inspected...new tires new brakes... could use a paintjob......however, he says it runs...i don´t know about this...he blew the tranny, than had it rebuilt or something along these lines....

now, the question is, do i go for a hot rod, 3 1/2 m.p.g., fast as F*CK car.....or go witht the more efficient, "fast" car....

now believe me, i´m a speed demon...both would be great cars....just how long til i can´t pay for gas...or atleast get sick of filling it every other 5 mins?

both are great deals.... let me know what you guys think...
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You have two cars listed at the bottom of your sig... I say get the "fun" car. Learn to drive it in moderation (Im not ´saying´ this but meaning, race people for gas money?!?!?). Use your other cars as your basic transportation
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