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My friend (that´s helping me turbo my scort this summer), he was in the car with me the night I got the new exhaust system on (the one that´s 130dB´s). Anyhow, it was about 10:30 at night so I decided he could hear it as I flew down his street waking up the neighbors...Well, I lost it on some gravel and a turn we didn´t know about and slid off the left side of the road slamming the scort against a tree and knocking over a couple fence poles.

He decided to be funny and take some pictures and comemorate it with a website:
Enjoy the laugh, and remember....drive safer and smarter then me...even though Escorts are built like Tanks
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My car decided to let the ass end loose going around a curve and I ended up slideing sideways at 55mph into a curb. No damage to the car except a little bit of curbed rim. Rim was still good.
Thanx for the approval of coolness. I found it to be pretty funny
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something like that almost happened to me in the rain the other day.it was really stupid of me but i did get a rush from it,lol!!!
we have too many vehicles at our home: truck and truck camper, ´88 camry, ´88 hyundai excel (lol pos car), and my scort, but we only have a 2 car garage, and the camper is blocking one side. solution: park the excel in the middle of the driveway so i can still get out of the garage, and park the camry behind the camper. the truck´s little used so it´s parked on the street far away. problem to the solution: i backed out the other day not remembering the excel was in the driveway, and had a slow moving rear-ender Scort to excel! but my rear Scort ´armor´ shook it alllll off without even a ding. now all i need is a cannon turret...lol the poor little excel
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Hehe, sounds like fun. I´ve noticed that my escort has a pretty nice case of trail throttle oversteer. I bet in some gravel it could come around pretty quick. Glad to here you and the car are ok.
A little over a year ago my buddy got his 88GT out and went all through the brakes, put in a new motor,threw on some new tires,then he pressure washed the whole thing.It lookes sweet until he got the bright idea to take it for a spin to dry it off.It had no tabs cause it hadden´t been driven in a couple of years so he figured he´d keep it in the complex.So he goes flyin by doin like 70 and hit the brakes, which were brand new and wet from the pressure washing, and they didn´t even slow him down! He goes off the end of the road and rolled it twice coming to rest with the floor pan up against a tree.The car was totalled and we still flip him crap about it cause we had to recover his car, So every body knew how and where it happened.At least it was private property, and we worked for a towing company so all he really lost was his pride, and his car.
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