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I need all the coments and sugestions, i can get.
Not bad, the background is a little busy for me, but not bad at all. Oh, and you misspelled obtain. ;-)

I´ve got other suggestions, email me if you would like to talk.
thanks will do.
That´s the best looking hyundai I´ve ever seen!

The skull gifs behind your gallery make it very very hard to see.. my eyes started hurting.

It´s a good start.. now you just need to polish it.
the visited links color for the homepage shouldn´t match the background color - can´t see the links afterwards!
otherwise, sweet!
what page is that on?
http://www.slightlyaltered.com/index_m.htm the very first page with the grim reaper background - the links at the top.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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