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Check out my car in the showcase.

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check out my car in the showcase, its under muska59 and tell me what ya think, this summer a few extras are being added to the car as well, i cant wait for it..
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Hey muska59!
Yeah, like your scort! Nice looking wheels, clear corners. Hey, are you running white bulbs, or is that just a reflection? If it were me, I´d tint the front windows to match the back.
Is that blue a stock color? I´m not sure what colors 91 GT´s came in yet.
Hey, and not to be critical, but that pics kinda dark. It´s hard to see the details and all. Even if your original photo is underexposed (dark) it´s actually pretty easy to adjust the brightness before you download it. I´m actually just learning myself. If you look at the pics of my 91 in Car Showcase, you can see how clear and bright my photos are, even tho my scort´s pretty ordinary so far.
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Yeah 2reds thats just the reflection of his flash from his camera off his corners, if you look at scorts side markers there´s a reflector at the end, then towards the front is the clear lense with the bulb in it.
That´s lookin cool Muska, I like the wheels.
Awesome wheels man. Is that the original paint ?
this summer im adding a pair of black momo rs racing seats and a momo tornado steering wheel, im hoping its gonna be lookin real good this summer.
And yes thats the factory caymen green paint it just looks different cuz the picture is so crappy, im gonna take more this summer with all the new stuff.sorry about the quality of the pic.

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love the wheels and corners. looks sharp. if only it were black...
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Well, if you ask me Cayman Green looks way better than black, even if it doesn´t photograph well!
BTW isn´t a 91 Cayman GT kinda rare? It came with some special-colored wheels right?
its got painted stock rims that match the car, yes, i didnt think my car was rare tho. im also thinking of a front bumper but not sure, i kinda just like the look of the stock gt bumper and its alot of money to get an aftermarket front bumper molded to fit. i cant wait for my momo seats to be put in.

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