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Check engine light

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Been coming on for a very long time. Goes out when I brake and stop, then comes back on again. Shop can’t find anything. Running perfectly otherwise. Worried about taxing again.
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Well if the shop didn't find anything, and it's running fine, you might just need to accept the light and try not to get anxious about it (which is much easier said than done).

It still would be good to get it scanned regularly to make sure that no other issue comes up that's masked by the constant CEL.
Thanks, I am OK with it. Problem is I need to take it to renew the tax. They wont pass it if the light is on!
Okay, I see. I have heard that some parts stores will scan your car for free, if so, I'd take it there and see what codes they come up with.
I don't understand how the shop you went to found nothing, if that light comes on.
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For what it's worth, my CEL comes on occasionally when I'm highway driving. When it does I just turn the engine off and coast for a while (ideally down a hill!), then gently clutch start it, the light stays off for a long time.
It’s an automatic. Also, the light goes off whenever I brake, like for a traffic light.
Maybe it''s a loose wire somewhere then, resulting in a short or open when the car brakes. Does it do it if you accelerate jerkily in reverse? That would cause the same effect of making stuff try to move to the front of the car.
Thanks. I won’t have a chance to try that right away. I need to get it taxed as it was due on April 1st ! Last time, the light went out as I braked to a stop at the DEQ so they did not see it!
If I can do that, I won’t worry about it being on! It runs fine and is regularly serviced. Not bad for 30 years!
if the light is on, there should be a code stored.
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...unless it's some freak problem like a damaged CEL wire chafing against a 12 volt source or ground.
OK, thanks. I’ll tell the shop.
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