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Airbox hacking.. it's free!!

Remove the spare tire & jack.. replace with a can of Fix-a-Flat and hope you don't have a sidewall blowout. (get a AAA membership for those bad times)

Lose the wheel covers (if you have them) and paint your steelies a dark grey or whatever color you want for that rally look. Expect to be laughed at by folks driving around with dubs.. but that laughter goes both ways. If you have alloys, paint them or polish them.

Upgrade your brake pads to some hi-performance mettalic ones.

Flush & bleed your brake hydraulics with DOT 5.1 fluid (or something else non-silicone based that 'exceeds DOT 4 specs')

Strip the interior (don't really).

Remove the power steering (less weight.. more power).

Remove the A/C.

Install urethane steering rack bushings.

Install urethane swaybar ends and radius bushings front and rear.

Remove the front swaybar altogether.

Install an Ractive rear strut brace (they're $45).

Detail the entire car.. a clean car always seems faster.

Best upgrades when you have money:

Quickor 1" rear swaybar.

Sticky tires (obviously)

3 or 4 point Schroth DOT approved harness and/or supportive seats (you can't drive well when you're concentrating on staying in the seat)

SPI motor (into a 91-96 LX)


Lower/stiffer springs & shocks

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Similar effect as adding a bigger rear swaybar. It'll help to balance the car so that the outside rear tire is loaded when turning (less push, more turn). It translates to more roll, but it's cheap and gets the job done.
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