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Cheap ass clutch

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About a year ago my clutch was replaced. And thats when I started to having slipping problems. On my old clutch I had no problem it was really solid and I could span tires on second. But one it was replaced ..I´m not talking about spining tires...I´m talking about regular drive now:(. When I shift I have about 1 second delay. And sometimes it feels like clutch is sliping and doesn´t give all the power to the wheels. And yesterday was a grando finally. Oh yeah I forgot to say. When engine is overheating..just a little bit is enough. Delay between shifts became 2 second. And yearstaday It started to slipping badly. So is there anyway to fix that problem?. Or what is a good/not expensive performance clutch I can get for 93LX.
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Centerforce and Clutchmasters both make nice stage three clutches for escort gt´s. Even if your not looking for a lot of holding force, they clamp a lot better than the stock clutch. Your problem is that when you got your clutch changed, they probobly put in some $89 special. The Factory clutch from Ford is also a good replacement, but might not be worth the dealer cost.
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